Voyskiy License Block

The Voysky oil field is in Komi Republic, in the prolific oil and gas basin where many fields have been discovered and in the region of well-developed infrastructure. The field is sitting 20 km north of town of Vuktyl, close to giant gas condensate field developed by Gazprom. License block area is 131.99 km2. 


The main oil-bearing horizons are found across the entire sedimentary basin. The already discovered and proved bitumen layers are penetrated at the depth 25 -150m.  Their estimated recoverable bitumen resources are around 41.9 million tons.


In addition to them accumulations of light oil are anticipated in clastic and  carbonate reservoirs of Devonian, Carboniferous and Permian ages at the depth from 500m to 4000m. 


A very effective technology that has been successfully tested in the heavy oil and bituminous sand fields of Alberta and other provinces of Canada is planned to be used for the shallow horizons’ development.  The deeper formations will be developed by vertical or horizontal wells using standard development approaches. 


The nearby oil fields are considered as an option of upside potential exploration. 

Voyskiy picture.png